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TokyoHot Movie Info: Incontinence Woman The new face model YUKO KOJIMA of the super beautiful woman was captured. It is fair and tall. It is sensitive and a body of a preeminent style. The place to utter an obedient pant voice and feel to be ashamed is the best for the original intention. It cheats that it is experience shortage to succeed as a model and made insult play. It awakes to a sensitive constitution having incontinence in the electric massage machine act while pussy being repeatedly fingered. The appearance endured single-mindedly even if it is filled with semen in the vagina invites the excitement. It became the result of crawling ground as a vaginal cum shot slave at the lavatory insect level though it was to have flapped to the world as a first class model. YUKO is pleased to hear the story of the DVD sale from the president of the belonging office. It is the first step to play an active part as a model in the world. However there is no impact in an ordinary content. It is said to be emphasized erotic and begins to be made taking off clothes. The bust is bared and she is made open leg pose though opposes. It is also made taking off the panty and the electric massage machine is pressed against the pussy. Immediately after it is incontinence! A yellow liquid gushes at a dash when it is to trickle even the anal is gone into convulsions! A expression is also the highest. Then cock is continuously pushed in the intraoral. She is told a confirmation that it doesn't succeed as a model if not following it and sucks reluctantly. Then cock is inserted at woman on top posture after she is made to suck severely. The close up of connecting part of the anal full view is obscene. It gets excited by the subdued slender pant voice. The piston is done t standing back & missionary posture and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes. YUKO who is fingered as much as he likes opposes as might be expected. However vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture. And then she is made cleaning fellatio. And the second cock is inserted at the time of that and semen is injected. Naturally it is made doing the cleaning fellatio. Then staffs of office insert the cock in the pussy of YUKO one after another and made vaginal cum shot. YUKO is poured semen of six totals. The continuance vaginal cum shot is really unrelated to the contents of the DVD and YUKO was made to only make a plaything for the consolation of staff. It is pitiful. The next day YUKO is taken to the place of a man of the potentate of the industry because of the sale to the mass communication. She is said that work will be assigned and is caressed the whole body after it is made taking an obscene pose in front of a man. It is said that it will keep famous and she cannot oppose though YUKO dislikes it. Immediately after other men are called and it participates in the caress. YUKO is made deep kiss and made to take off clothes. It is made taking off the panty and she is made the open leg pose. It is a bubble joy juice in the vaginal orifice. She feels it though gates it. It is a shameless woman. Immediately after the electric massage machine is pressed against the pussy and she faints in agony. And it is incontinence! The appearance to endure single-mindedly of immediately before is a one of viewpoint. Immediately after finger fuck is made and it is incontinence again! Then it is careful licking service to a drenched pussy and it is felt it although being shy. Then Cuzco is inserted. It is uterine ostium that cloudiness joy juice sticks and narrowness rough vagina way. It looked with a considerable excellent article. Immediately after the cock is pushed in the intraoral and she is made standing fellatio. She is made to lick ball bag and is made hand & foot job service at the same time. She is treated as like sex toy. It will be considerably humiliating for first-class model wish. Then cock inserted at missionary posture after she is made the lick of three at the same time and posed continuously at side back and woman on top posture. The vagina meat that hangs to the cock is too obscene. And vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture. The second cock inserted and semen is injected at missionary posture. The third & fourth cock also made vaginal cum shot. Of course the cleaning fellatio immediately after the vaginal cum shot is also indispensable. Immediately after semen is poured in the pussy one after another in the state of cylindrical apparatus pierced in the vagina. In addition even saliva is poured in a cruel thing afterwards. It is semen of six and saliva of seven. The liquid passes cylindrical apparatus and it hits the uterine ostium directly. Is the pussy collapse? And YUKO flaps to the world as hoped. It is a work such as the mountain as like body offer and semen handing day after day. It took care with the drink the day before and made health management at the incontinence request. It is really first class as expected. It is on different levels from normal meat urinal mode. n0671 Kojima Yuko Yuko Kojima New Original Movie Bukkake Creampie Piss Gangbang Toys speculum splash pussy Cleaning fellatio Pussy Bukkake Strap Hand Job Semen poured Vibration Machine Sperm shooting inside by Funnel Orificium vaginae Expansion footjob Bukkomi tearing pantyhose Female Office Worker 中乳 Cカップ スレンダー ロング 普通 美人OL・秘書 神奈川県 買い物 ケーキを作る事 バスケットボール 170cm
Models:Yuko Kojima Categories:Bukkake Gang bang Toys Oral Creampie splash pussy SM Fetish Prank Series:New Original Movie Studio:Tokyo-Hot Release Date:2011/08/30 Duration:01:38:36 Product ID: n0671
Tokyo-Hot 東京熱 超美形の新人モデル・小嶋優子が捕獲されました。色白で長身。敏感でスタイル抜群のボディ。おとなし目の喘ぎ声を発して恥ずかしそうに感じるところも初心で最高。モデルとして成功するには経験不足だと騙し陵辱プレイを強行しました。繰り返しマンコを弄くられているうちに電マ責めで失禁する敏感体質に覚醒。汚らしい精液で膣内を満たされてもひたすら耐える姿は興奮を誘います。一流モデルとして世界へ羽ばたくはずが便所虫レベルの中出し奴隷として地を這う結果となりました。 優子は所属事務所の社長からDVD発売の話を聞いて喜ぶ。モデルとして世界で活躍する第一歩だ。しかしありきたりの内容ではインパクトが無い。エロを強調するように言われ服を脱がされ始める。抵抗するもバストをはだけられ強制開脚。パンティも脱がされ電マをマンコに押し付けられる。直後失禁!アナルまでヒクつかせチロチロと流れたかと思うと一気に真っ黄色の液体が噴出!苦しげな表情も最高だ。 続いて口内にチンポを押し込まれる。従わないとモデルとして成功しないと念を押され仕方なくおしゃぶり。散々しゃぶらされた後騎乗位でチンポを捩じ込まれる。アナル丸見えの結合部アップは卑猥!押し殺したか細い喘ぎ声にも興奮。立ちバック。正常位。ハメられまくり白濁した愛液が噴出。やられ放題の優子もさすがに中出しには抵抗。しかし容赦無く正常位で生中出しを強行される。そして無理矢理のお掃除フェラ。その最中に2本目がズブリ。そして強制ザーメン注入。当然お掃除フェラもさせられる。 続いて事務所のスタッフ達が次々と優子のマンコにチンポを突き刺して膣内射精を強行。優子は合計6発のザーメンを注ぎ込まれる。連続膣内射精はDVDの内容とは全くの無関係でスタッフ達の慰安のため単に優子が慰み者にさせられただけ。哀れだ。翌日優子はマスコミへの売り出しため業界有力者の男の所に連れて行かれる。男の前で卑猥なポーズを取らされた後仕事を与えると言われ全身を愛撫される。嫌がるも有名にしてやると言われ抵抗出来ずにされるがまま。 直後他の男達も呼ばれ愛撫に参加。優子はディープキスされ服を脱がされる。パンティも脱がされ開脚ポーズ。膣口に泡状愛液!嫌がってるのに感じている。はしたない女だ。直後電マをマンコに押し付けられ悶絶。そして失禁!ひたすら我慢している直前の様子も見所だ。直後指マンされ再び失禁!グチョグチョのマンコをクンニされ恥ずかしがりながらも感じまくる。続いてクスコを挿入される。白濁愛液がこびり付く子宮口と狭いザラザラの膣道!かなりの名器と見た。直後口内にチンポを押し込まれ強制仁王立ちフェラ。タマも舐めさせられ同時に手コキと足コキ。性玩具扱い。一流モデル志望にはかなり屈辱的。 続いて3本同時に舐めさせられた後正常位で挿入される。側位。バック。騎乗位。チンポに纏わり付く膣肉が卑猥過ぎ!そして正常位で生中出し。直に2本目が正常位でザーメン注入。続いて3本目、4本目と生中出しを強行される。もちろん中出し直後のお掃除フェラも必須。直後膣内に筒状の器具を刺し込まれた状態で次々とマンコにザーメンを流し込まれる。さらに酷い事にその後唾まで流し込まれる。ザーメン合計6発。つば合計7発。汚液が筒状器具を通過し子宮口を直撃。マンコ崩壊か。 そして優子は希望通り世界へ羽ばたく。肉体提供。ザーメン処理。連日山の様な仕事量。失禁依頼の時は前日から飲み物に気を使い体調管理。さすがは一流。その辺の便器モデルとは格が違う。 170cm 長身モデル系
プレイ内容: ブッカケ 3P~複数プレイ オモチャ・異物挿入 フェラ 中出し 潮吹き SM フェチ 悪戯 タグ: 顔に精液 中出し 小便 輪姦中出し オモチャ責め クスコ膣内見せ 潮吹き お掃除フェラ マンコぶっかけ 拘束・拘束具 テコキ発射 精液流し込み・押込み 電気アンマ 漏斗・器具で精液膣内注入 膣口拡張器 足コキ 汁男優連続膣内射精 パンスト破き・切り シリーズ : New Original Movie レーベル: Tokyo-Hot

Date: November 3, 2020
Pornstars: Yuko Kojima
Studio: Tokyo-Hot

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