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TokyoHot Movie Info: Fuck Idol Debut Pure and innocent idol of new star RIRIKA SUZUKI debut finally! She is already got the lot of fans by the lovely looks that lovely uniform suits well with the good shape beauty tits and the debut tune will become a big hit. A new legend of the idol world is born! However tasting by parties concerned is common senses ahead of that. It is sensitive pussy that felt when stirred and incontinence and PISS SHOT in front of people. It is the masochist constitution to pant when it is tied up and is made vaginal cum shot. It is proved to be a precious lewd young slut to an idol. Pitiful RIRIKA debuted in the underground as an idol only for the body entertainment after thorough training. RIRIKA whom a debut was decided on by the composition of the hit maker who deals with many hits is pleased with a manager. She touches between manager's groins too much with pleasure. It was only of the practice of the song and the dance every day. It seems to have gotten excited by the man drought. It is a unbelievable erotic girl though she has a lovely face. She shows beauty tits to the manager who hesitates and provokes him. She places the cock taken out between the beauty tits and made tits rub service. In addition saliva is hung down and rubs. Immediately after she sucks it. After she sucks politely licks also ball bag. She sucks cock and made ejaculation finally and ***** up all the semen. RIRIKA is satisfied greatly. However the president of the office was looking at the appearance. RIRIKA is taken to the chairman and it is decided that she will be marketed in the idol line after being made reflect. Naturally tasting & training is necessary first. RIRIKA is affected and is caressed the bust. Immediately after it is finger fuck by the standing pose and the pussy is already wet. Then cock is continuously thrown in the intraoral. It changes completely a little while ago and the expression is steep. It is an outrageous woman to pick and choose a cock although she is lascivious. Immediately after cock inserted at standing back posture. She is made piston and faints in agony. Then Cuzco is continuously put in. The uterine ostium is drenched in the joy juice. The cloudiness joy juice blots too. Immediately after it is vaginal cum shot after she is made piston at bending posture and is stirred. And Cuzco is inserted again and it is ******* in the vagina. The semen stays in surroundings of the uterine ostium. Some of semen seems to have been injected in the uterine ostium. And the body entertainment of customer's three executives is immediately left to RIRIKA. It is made careful licking service while both hands are restrained and hung from the ceiling and clitoris is stimulated with the electric massage machine. She is also touched with the rotor toy at the same time and desperately endures. Immediately after the vibs toy is also inserted and clitoris is touched with the electric massage machine and she faints in agony. The finger fuck is also made continuously and she feels it. Immediately after it is incontinence! The pussy is drenched much. And the electric massage machine is pushed and she ejaculates and she gets acme. Then cock is continuously thrown in the intraoral and she is made standing fellatio. It is deeply put in and there is the scene where she has a fit of coughing many times also. Immediately after it is standing back fuck. It is pierced while hung from the ceiling. Immediately after it moves to the bed and it is fucked at missionary posture. The piston is made at woman on top posture with the hand bound back and she felt it. And it is vaginal cum shot at missionary posture after posed at back posture. The second cock inserted soon and semen is injected. The cock pulled out from pussy is pushed into the intraoral and she is made doing the cleaning fellatio. Immediately after the third cock made vaginal cum shot at missionary posture. Then the manager takes advantage of the confusion and inserts the cock and made vaginal cum shot at missionary posture. The pussy is confused. The intraoral is also become muddy by the cleaning fellatio. Then other customers arrive continuously. They inserted cock in the pussy one after another and made vaginal cum shot. The semen of eight totals is poured. Immediately after it is stirred with the vibs toy and she faints in agony. And she is made acme. The last is that she sits in the porch and made PISS SHOT. It is depressed attitude as much as to say that show it. It feels the professionalism as the fuck idol. After this RIRIKA gets the fuck idol rookie of the year title. She appeals sense of existence while being inserted the cock in the ceremony to which parents and the classmate rushed. The parents who rushed show the tears of the impressions by seeing the pussy of the daughter who grows up independently. It is heard that filial piety is shown and the number of fans was increased. n0643 Suzuki Ririka Ririka Suzuki New Original Movie Bukkake Creampie Piss Gangbang speculum irrumatio(irrumation) mouth ejaculation splash pussy Cleaning fellatio Titty fuck Pussy Bukkake Strap Hand Job Bondage Hung ceiling Drinking Semen Vibration Machine Bukkomi Lust woman Other Uniforms Fカップ 東京都 料理 クラッシックバレエ
Models:Ririka Suzuki Categories:Bukkake Gang bang Toys Oral Creampie splash pussy Titty fuck SM Fetish Lust woman Series:New Original Movie Studio:Tokyo-Hot Release Date:2011/05/24 Duration:00:29:20 Product ID: n0643
Tokyo-Hot 東京熱 超新星の清純派アイドル・すずきりりか遂にデビュー!可愛い制服がよく似合う炉利炉利のルックスと形の良い美巨乳で既に多くのファンを獲得済みでデビュー曲も大ヒット間違い無し。アイドル界の新たな伝説が誕生!でもその前に関係者による味見が常識です。掻き回されると失禁して感じる敏感マンコに人前での放尿。縛られて中出しされると喘ぎまくるマゾ体質。アイドルには惜しいエロ娘だと判明。哀れなりかは徹底調教の末に肉体接待専用ハメドルとして裏デビューしました。 数多くのヒット曲を手掛けるヒットメーカーの作曲でデビューが決まったりりかはマネージャーと共に喜ぶ。喜びの余りマネージャーの股間をワサワサ。歌とダンスの練習ばかりの毎日。男日照りでムラムラした様子。可愛い顔をしてとんでもないエロ娘だ。躊躇するマネージャーに美乳を見せて挑発。取り出したチンポを巨乳に挟んでパイズリ。さらに唾を垂らしてズリズリ。直後パクリ。丁寧にしゃぶりあげた後タマも舐めまくる。激しくしゃぶり遂には射精させた挙句ザーメンを全て飲み干す。りりかは満足。 しかしその様子を事務所の社長に見られていた。りりかは会長の元に連れて行かれ反省させられた挙句肉ハメエロ路線で売り出されるハメに。当然その前に味見&調教が必要だ。りりかは押さえ付けられバストを愛撫される。直後立ちポーズで指マンされマンコグッチョリ。続いて口内にチンポを放り込まれる。先程とは打って変わり表情は険しい。ドエロのくせにチンポを選り好みするとはけしからん女だ。直後立ちバックで生チンポを挿入される。激しくピストンされ悶絶。続いてクスコを捩じ込まれる。子宮口は愛液でグッショリ。白濁愛液も滲んでいる。直後屈曲位でハメられ掻き回された後強制生中出し。そして再びクスコを挿入され膣内全開。子宮口付近にザーメンが滞留。一部は子宮口の内部に注入された模様。 そして早速りりかは取引先のお偉い方3人の肉体接待を任される。両手を拘束され天井から吊り下げられたままクンニされまくり電マでクリを刺激される。同時にローターでも責められ必死に耐える。直後バイブを挿入されクリも電マで責められ悶絶。続いて激しく指マンされ感じまくり。直後失禁!マンコビショビショに。そして電マを押し付けられ絶叫。イッてしまう。続いて口内にチンポを放り込まれ強制仁王立ちフェラ。深々と刺し込まれ何度も咳き込む場面も。直後立ちバックで生ハメ。天井から吊り下げられた状態で突かれまくる。 直後ベッドに移動して正常位で生カン。女性上位、騎乗位。後ろ手で縛られたままピストンされ感じまくる。そしてバックの後正常位で生中出し。直ぐに2本目が挿入され強制ザーメン注入。マンコから抜かれたチンポを口内に押し込まれお掃除フェラもさせられる。直後3本目が正常位で生中出し。4本目はどさくさに紛れマネージャーがズブリ。正常位で強制ザーメン注入。マンコグチャグチャ。お掃除フェラで口内もドロドロだ。 続いて別のお得意様達が到着。りりかのマンコに次々とチンポを刺し込み膣内射精を強行。合計8発のザーメンが注ぎ込まれる。直後バイブで掻き回され悶絶。無理矢理イカされる。ラストはベランダに座り放尿。見てくれと言わんばかりの憮然とした態度。肉ハメアイドルとしてのプロ意識を感じる。 この後りりかは肉ハメアイドル新人賞に輝く。両親や同級生が駆け付けた授賞式ではチンポを刺し込まれながら存在感をアピール。一人前に成長した娘のマンコを見て駆け付けた両親も感動の涙。親孝行ぶりを見せファンを増やしたと聞く。
プレイ内容: ブッカケ 3P~複数プレイ オモチャ・異物挿入 フェラ 中出し 潮吹き パイズリ SM フェチ 痴女 タグ: 顔に精液 中出し 小便 輪姦中出し クスコ膣内見せ イラマチオ 口内射精 潮吹き お掃除フェラ パイズリ マンコぶっかけ 拘束・拘束具 テコキ発射 緊縛 吊り下げ・磔 精液ゴックン 電気アンマ 汁男優連続膣内射精 痴女 シリーズ : New Original Movie レーベル: Tokyo-Hot

Date: November 3, 2020
Pornstars: Ririka Suzuki
Studio: Tokyo-Hot

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