Tokyo Hot n0579 JavJack Semen Therapy

TokyoHot Movie Info: Semen Therapy Aromatherapy will be the best when becoming tired. It must be to relax the mind and the body because of the smell of aroma but cock is erected as well. It is far from being relaxed calmly and is get whole body hot in excitement. What is this aroma! Take the responsibility! Thus the therapist SAYAKA AMAMI with slender body fells a prey. The massage of an exquisite way of using hands is most suitable for stimulation to the cock. The glabrous pussy is also obscene. The aroma oil which such SAYAKA recommends lets men make passion and she is made vaginal cum shot consecutively and mind & body have collapsed. It is right simply therapist happiness. SAYAKA massages guest's body in the room in the shop. The smell of aroma is filled in a dim room. The charm of erotic body of SAYAKA is helped a man gets excited gradually and begins to touch hip of SAYAKA. She is made the grip of the cock though opposes. The cause that is made erotic atmosphere is by SAYAKA and she has the responsibility to made erected cock obedient and making the guest relax. SAYAKA is made to take off the panty after shed is stimulated between groins and the pussy is opened greatly. It is beautiful glabrous pussy. The clitoris is small and it seems to be also delicious. A man immediately tastes the pussy in the six nine pose. The pussy of SAYAKA that is obstinately made careful licking service immediately gets wet. It is a sensitive pussy. Then cock inserted at woman on top posture. It is intensely pierced at back & missionary posture and she faints in agony. And then it is vaginal cum shot. On the other hand there were the other visitors who have peeped scene that SAYAKA is made vaginal cum shot in all the details. Guest's men surround a tired out SAYAKA and caress whole body. And they thrust cock and begin fuck. The cock is thrown in one after another and SAYAKA faints in agony as incomprehensible. It is deeply pierced and three cum shots is poured continuously. She has been made vaginal cum shot in a shop of the aroma that she began when wanted to heal tired people. It is pitiful. However tragedy of SAYAKA continues further. Later it is the course of aromatherapy. SAYAKA explains the aroma in front of three men. It tried to smell in practice and confirm a relaxation effect. However men get excited again purpose and attack SAYAKA and strips off her clothes. Immediately after SAYAKA who is made taking off panty by open leg pose is push rotor toy to the pussy. The aroma oil is hung down in the pussy at the same time and the rotor toy is pushed into the vagina. And the clitoris is attacked and she pants intensely. A small beauty pussy opens greatly. The joy juice doesn't stop. It may be effect of aroma!? Immediately after the clitoris is severely stimulated with the vibs toy and she faints in agony. The pussy is soppy in the continuing attack of mega vibs toy. Immediately after it is made finger fuck while being stimulated with the electric massage machine and hang joy juice soup down and she is made acme. And Cuzco is screwed in and the uterine ostium is *******. There is full semen and it is too erotic. And the cock is pushed into the pussy at missionary posture after she is made the suck of cock one after another. She is made piston many times at side backward woman on top and woman on top posture and ejaculates. Men of the course hope gather at the same time and the cock is thrown in to intraoral of SAYAKA one after another and she is made suck them. And vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture. The second cock immediately inserted and semen is injected at missionary posture. Immediately after third cock made vaginal cum shot at missionary posture. The 4th 5th 6th cock is continuously pierced one after another and it is repeated deeply piston and vaginal cum shot. The pussy become muddy by continues vaginal cum shot. However it has not ended yet. Men in the vicinity invited to the smell of aroma gather and insert the cock to the pussy of SAYAKA and they made vaginal cum shot. Pussy that is semen of ten totals poured collapses. Immediately after it is stirred in the vagina by the lift hip up pose and the love juice that the backflow semen mixed with the cloudiness joy juice is blown. And the spouted dirty liquid is painted in the face and she completely becomes silent. She is left unattended as a lump of flesh for semen discharge. SAYAKA wrestles with spread of aroma oil activity eagerly after this. It seems to do a shameless thing that around whole country in order to show masturbation performance that painted aroma oil to pussy. n0579 Amami Sayaka Sayaka Amami New Original Movie High-End Actress Bukkake Creampie Gangbang speculum Pussy Bukkake shaved Vibration Machine Bukkomi semen body painting tearing pantyhose Vaginal cave Mixed juice jet Sperm licking man Creampie-riding pants look White robe (other than doctor / nurse) Asian taste 中乳 Cカップ スレンダー セミロング 普通 綺麗系 N/A SNS(ミクシー) 水泳・ 餌食情報 名前 : 奄美彩加(Sayaka Amami) 身長 : 163cm スリーサイズ : B80(C). W58. H84 靴サイズ : 23.5cm 星座 : 獅子座 血液型 : B型 出身地 : N/A 趣味 : SNS(ミクシー) 好きなタイプ : 優しい人 好きなスポーツ : 水泳・ 好きなタレント : 石川遼 好きな食べ物 : 魚介類 資格 : 認定エステシャン
Models:Sayaka Amami Categories:Bukkake Gang bang Toys Creampie SM shaved Fetish Prank Series:New Original Movie High-End Actress Studio:Tokyo-Hot Release Date:2010/10/12 Duration:01:25:59 Product ID: n0579
Tokyo-Hot 東京熱 疲れた時にはアロマテラピーが一番です。アロマの香りで心も身体もリラックス…のはずが何故かチンポは激勃起!落ち着いてリラックスするどころか興奮して全身熱くてたまりません。「何だこのアロマは!責任取れ!」というわけでスレンダーボディのセラピスト・奄美彩加が餌食になりました。絶妙な手つきのマッサージはチンポへの刺激にも最適。パイパンマンコも卑猥です。そんな彩加自身が薦めるアロマオイルが男達を欲情させ連続中出しされて心身崩壊してしまいました。まさにセラピスト冥利に尽きますね。 彩加は店の個室でお客の身体をマッサージ。薄暗い室内にはアロマの香りが充満。彩加のエロいボディの魅力も手伝い男は次第に興奮。彩加のお尻を触り始める。彩加は抵抗するも無理矢理チンポを握らされてしまう。エロい雰囲気にしたのはセラピストのせい。勃起したチンポを大人しくさせ客をリラックスさせる責任がある。彩加は股間をグリグリと刺激された後パンティも脱がされ美マン全開。綺麗なパイパンマンコ!クリも小さく美味しそう。男は早速シックスナインでマンコを味見。執拗にクンニされた彩加のマンコは直ぐにヌルヌル。感じ易いマンコだ。 続いて騎乗位でチンポをハメられる。バック、正常位。ゴリゴリと突きまくられ悶絶。そして強制生中出し。一方彩加が中出しされる一部始終を覗き見ていた他の客達がいた。客の男達はぐったりしている彩加を取り囲み全身愛撫。そしてチンポを突き刺して生カンを開始する。次々とチンポを放り込まれ彩加は訳が分からないまま悶絶。深々と突きまくられ連続で3発のザーメンを注ぎ込まれる。疲れた人達を癒したいと始めたアロマのお店で強制中出しされる始末。哀れだ。しかし彩加の悲劇はさらに続く。 後日アロマテラピーの講習会。彩加は男達3人を前にアロマの説明。実際に匂いを嗅いでもらいリラックス効果を確認してもらう。しかし男達は逆に興奮。彩加に襲い掛かり服を剥ぎ取る。直後開脚ポーズでパンティを脱がされた彩加はマンコにローターを押し当てられる。同時にアロマオイルをマンコに垂らされローターを膣穴に押し込まれる。そしてクリも責められ喘ぎまくり。小さかった美マンがパックリ!愛液が止まらない!これがアロマ効果か!直後バイブでクリを散々刺激され悶絶。 続く極太バイブの責めでマンコはグチャグチャ。直後電マで刺激されながら指マンされマン汁垂らしてイカされる。そしてクスコを捩じ込まれ子宮口晒し。白濁した愛液がびっしり!エロ過ぎだ。そして次々とチンポをしゃぶらされた後正常位でチンポをマンコに押し込まれる。側位、背面騎乗位、騎乗位。何度もピストンされ絶叫。並行して講習希望の男達が集まり彩加の口内に次々とチンポを放り込みしゃぶらせる。そして正常位で生中出し。直ぐに2本目が刺し込まれ正常位でザーメン注入。直後3本目も正常位で生中出しを強行。 続いて4本、5本、6本次々とチンポを刺し込まれ深々とピストンされては生中出しを繰り返される。連続生中出しでマンコドロドロ。しかしまだ終わらない。アロマの香りに誘われた近所の男達が集まり彩加のマンコにチンポを挿入。膣内射精を強行する。合計10発のザーメンを注ぎ込まれたマンコは崩壊。直後マンぐりポーズで膣内を掻き回され逆流ザーメンと白濁愛液が混合した潮を吹かされる。そして噴き出した汚らしい液体を顔中に塗りたくられ完全に沈黙。ザーメン発射用の肉塊のまま放置される。 この後彩加はアロマオイルの普及活動に熱心に取り組む。アロマオイルをマンコに塗りたくったオナニーパフォーマンスを披露するため全国を廻る恥知らずな事をしているらしい。
プレイ内容: ブッカケ 3P~複数プレイ オモチャ・異物挿入 中出し SM パイパン フェチ 悪戯 タグ: 顔に精液 中出し 輪姦中出し クスコ膣内見せ マンコぶっかけ パイパン 電気アンマ 汁男優連続膣内射精 精液塗り込み パンスト破き・切り 膣穴ぽっかり 中出し精液潮混合噴射 精液舐め男 騎乗位中出し シリーズ : New Original Movie High-End Actress レーベル: Tokyo-Hot

Date: November 3, 2020
Pornstars: Sayaka Amami
Studio: Tokyo-Hot

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