Tokyo Hot n0573 jav video Semen Storm

TokyoHot Movie Info: Semen Storm It seems slender and delicate in looks as like young miss. It is also quiet character and is obedient. It is a college woman MEGUMI SHINO who cannot be said it is absolutely unpleasant even if vaginal cum shot is made and desperately endures. It is vet easy to be prey if such young slut is aimed by TOKYO HOT. The ending that being inserted continuously in the innocent & beauty pussy after she is sucked many cocks is character collapse. The terrible development that introverted character changes suddenly is too shocking. MEGUMI is offered to work part time by a doubtful man. MEGUMI is shown a bundle of bills and does OK after she is asked persistently. However this was a start of the hell. Immediately after man put off clothes of MEGUMI and caresses bust. MEGUMI who is made taking off panty frightened and cannot oppose at all. And she is opened pussy greatly. It is beauty small pussy with pink color. It is splendid labia meat like the virgin. Immediately after cock is pierced to the mouth. MEGUMI keeps struggling while drooling and sucks. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. A man does a strong piston in the with all one's strength. The delicate body of MEGUMI seems to break. Immediately after it is vaginal cum shot at bending posture. The pussy opens greatly and labia meat of the pink color extends right and left too. Another work is introduced to MRGUMI after the fact and she is made to go to a other man's home. Man is abnormal who loved to play the woman who cannot oppose. MEGUMI is immediately restricted by the hand in the back and is made deep kiss. Immediately after she is made spanking hips by crawl on all fours and ejaculate. It is made finger fuck intensely at the same time. The hip with good shape crimsons quickly. And it screws mega vibs toy in the pussy. It is intensely stirred and the whole body is gone into convulsions and she ejaculates. And she is made acme. Then cock is continuously thrown in the mouth and she is made to suck. The throat is pierced deep after it is made suck & lick ball bag and she gets breathing difficulties many times. She keeps on suffering while hung down slaver. This is too cruel. And then cock inserted at bending posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes while piston continues at back & backward woman on top posture. And then vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture. Immediately after other men appeared. MEGUMI sees many men and frightened. It is not possible to oppose and cock is pierced one after another and vaginal cum shot is made after hard piston. It was total six vaginal cum shot! A large amount of semen is injected and the pussy becomes muddy. The vaginal cum shot part-time job was actually a rumor among classmates at the school though the financial condition gradually improved to MEGUMI by the part-time job fee. A certain day MEGUMI is called by classmate's men and threatened by the thing of the part-time job to the evidence. MEGUMI who cannot but be at the mercy of man is made to take off clothes and is fingered body. Immediately after pussy is attacked with vibs toy & electricity massage machine. A large amount of joy juice drips from pussy. And Cuzco is thrown in to a drenched pussy. Men rejoice at beautiful vagina and the uterine ostium. MEGUMI is pushed cock into the mouth and is made finger fuck at the same time and she is made female ejaculation while having a fit of coughing. Immediately after cock inserted at back posture and vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture after she is poked at missionary bending and backward woman on top posture. The second cock inserted soon at missionary posture. It is fucked violently as the thing at woman on top & holding up posture. And semen injected at missionary posture. Immediately after third cock made vaginal cum shot at missionary posture. After the fact MEGUMI who is made many vaginal cum shot goes mad. An uneasy expression changes completely. Immediately after she fingers pussy joyfully and entreated semen by seeing men who gathered. And the cock is pierced and vaginal cum shot is made one after another. Moreover semen is also splashed in the mouth at the same time. It is eight for the mouth and ten in the vagina. MEGUMI who is poured a large amount of semen is pleased and drinks up all semen in the mouth. MEGUMI who was reborn as meat urinal at this occasion grows up by sucking the cock of an unfamiliar man positively. An expression before that seems to be uneasy changes into the face that the cock is loved too. The insulting that is remodeled character of the TOKYO HOT is being paid to attention as a meat urinal training program also by the psychiatrist. n0573 Shino Megumi Megumi Shino New Original Movie High-End Actress Bukkake Creampie Gangbang Toys speculum mouth ejaculation Pussy Bukkake Strap love-spanking Semen poured Drinking Semen Vibration Machine Casual Wear Female College Student 中乳 Bカップ スレンダー ロング 色白 アイドル系 静岡県 音楽鑑賞 掃除 卓球 身長:163cm スリーサイズ:B80(B) W58 H85
Models:Megumi Shino Categories:Bukkake Gang bang Toys Oral Creampie SM Fetish Series:New Original Movie High-End Actress Studio:Tokyo-Hot Release Date:2010/09/21 Duration:01:36:52 Product ID: n0573
Tokyo-Hot 東京熱 お嬢様っぽいルックスにスレンダーで壊れそうなくらい華奢。性格は大人しくて従順。こんな餌食を待っていました。無理矢理中出しされても絶対に嫌と言えず必死に耐える女子大生・篠めぐみです。こんな小娘が東熱に狙われたらひとたまりもありません。何本ものチンポをしゃぶらされた挙句初心で綺麗なマンコに刺し込まれ続けた結末は人格崩壊。内向的な性格が豹変するとんでもない展開は衝撃的過ぎます。 篠は怪しい男にバイトをしないかと声を掛けられる。誰でも出来るとしつこく誘われた挙句札束を見せられOK。しかしこれが地獄の始まりだった。直後男は篠の服を脱がしバストを愛撫。パンティを脱がされた篠は怖がり全く抵抗出来ない。そしてオマンコ全開に。ピンク色の美マン。小振りで綺麗。まるで処女の様な最高級の肉ビラだ。直後口内へチンポを刺し込まれる。よだれを垂らしながらもがき続けおしゃぶり。そして正常位でチンポを挿入される。男は力任せに強烈なピストン。篠の華奢な身体が折れてしまいそうだ。直後屈曲位で生中出し。マンコぱっくり。ピンク色の肉ビラも左右に拡がる。事後篠は別のバイトを紹介されある男の自宅に行く事に。 男は抵抗出来ない女を弄ぶのが大好きな変態。篠は直ぐに後ろ手で縛り付けられディープキスされる。直後四つん這いで尻をスパンキングされ絶叫。同時に激しく指マンされる。形の良いヒップが見る見る真っ赤に!そしてオマンコに極太バイブを捩じ込まれる。激しく掻き回され全身をビクつかせて絶叫。無理矢理イカされる。続いて口内にチンポを放り込まれ強制おしゃぶり。タマ吸い&タマ舐めもさせられた後喉の奥深くまで刺し込まれ何度も呼吸困難に!よだれをダラダラと垂れ流しながら苦しみ抜く。これは酷過ぎる!そして屈曲位で生チンポをハメられる。バック、背面騎乗位。白濁した愛液が噴出。そして正常位で生中出し。 直後別の男達が現れる。大勢の男達を見て篠はただ怯えるのみ。抵抗出来ないまま次々とチンポを刺し込まれてはピストンされ生中出しされる。合計6連続!大量ザーメンを注入されマンコはドロドロに。篠はバイト代で次第に金回りが良くなるも実は中出しバイトは学校のクラスメイト達の間で噂になっていた。ある日篠はクラスメイトの男達に呼び出されバイトの事をネタに脅かされる。言い成りになるしかない篠は無理矢理服を脱がされ身体を弄くられる。直後バイブ&電マでマンコを責めまくられる。マンコからは愛液大量垂れ流し。そしてグチョグチョのマンコにクスコを放り込まれる。綺麗な膣内と子宮口に男達は歓喜。篠は口内にチンポを押し込まれ同時に指マンされ咳き込みながら潮を吹かされる。 直後バックで生ハメ。正常位、屈曲位、背面騎乗位。そして正常位で生中出し。直ぐに2本目が正常位で挿入。騎乗位、駅弁ファック。まるでモノの様に乱暴に生カンされまくる。そして正常位でザーメン強制注入。直後3本目も正常位で生中出しを強行。事後中出しされまくった篠は発狂。不安な表情は一変。直後続々と集まった男達を見て嬉々としてマンコを弄くりザーメンを懇願。そして次々とチンポを刺し込まれ膣内射精される。また同時に口内にもザーメンを発射される。口内8発。膣内10発。大量のザーメンを注がれた篠は喜び口内のザーメンを全て飲み干す。 これを機に肉便器として生まれ変わった篠は見ず知らずの男のチンポを積極的に咥えるほどに成長。以前の不安そうな表情もチンポが大好きな顔付きに変わる。性格まで改造する東熱の陵辱は肉便器養成プログラムとして精神科医にも注目されている
プレイ内容: ブッカケ 3P~複数プレイ オモチャ・異物挿入 フェラ 中出し SM フェチ タグ: 顔に精液 中出し 輪姦中出し オモチャ責め クスコ膣内見せ 口内射精 マンコぶっかけ 拘束・拘束具 スパンキング 精液流し込み・押込み 精液ゴックン 電気アンマ シリーズ : New Original Movie High-End Actress レーベル: Tokyo-Hot

Date: November 3, 2020
Pornstars: Megumi Shino
Studio: Tokyo-Hot

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